Guangdong Jiema Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us


Guangdong Jiema Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter JIEMA), established in 2005 and located in the Guangzhou Economic and Technology Development Zone, is a famous heat exchange equipment supplier in the HVAC, space heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, power stations, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural-gas processing, sewage treatment, marine, papermaking, steel plants, and hydraulic system in China and abroad.

Our Vision

Adhering to the corporate spirit of “Establishing Business through Good Faith and Winning through High Quality” and the philosophy of “Continuous Development and Constant Innovation”, JIEMA has been providing customers with heat exchange equipments featuring by better performance, lower price and more excellent service.

Our production capacity

In 2011, the company invested 20 million in Hubei Province, China, covering an area more than 70,000㎡, to build the JIEMA Industrial Park, including supporting facilities such as mould processing center, sealing gasket production center and manufacturing center of heat exchanger and pressure vessel equipments.

JIEMA is in possession of various advanced heat exchanger production equipments and machine processing equipments: hydraulic machine dedicated for plate heat exchanger, plate rolling equipment, plate cutting equipment, stamping equipment, sheet rolling equipment, sheet coiling equipment and various machine tools.

The manufacturing processes of JIEMA are executed in strict conformity with the national standards — Plate Heat Exchanger (GB16409-199) and Air Cooler and Air Heater (GB/T14296-1993) as well as manufacturing standards for Class I and Class II pressure vessels.

With powerful technical strength, JIEMA possesses strong background engineering technicians who have engaged in the design of heat exchange equipment and heating power system for many years, including engineers with senior professional titles. JIEMA has maintained long-term technical communication and contact with professional academies. JIEMA can provide accurate, reliable and efficient system solutions and corresponding heat exchange equipment according to the users’ actual requirements.

Our Main products

JIEMA products mainly include plate heat exchanger, shell-and-tube heat exchanger, air cooled heat exchanger, volume heat exchanger, finned-tube heat exchanger, gas-to-gas heat exchanger, boiler, plate-and-shell heat exchanger, brazed heat exchanger, exchanger unit , radiator, pressure vessel, tank reactor, evaporator, condenser, air cooler and air heater etc.