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Jiema workers are working hard despite the hot weather

The scorching sun is shining and the heat waves are scorching. The weather in early August is as hot as a stove, and the continuous high temperature permeates the factory, bringing everyone a bit of irritation.

However, there is a group of people who endure the severe test of the high temperature, stick to their posts, work under the scorching sun or work in the workshop, busy with customers in urgent need of orders, and dedicate their strength in obscurity.

The sun is shining in the afternoon, and the outdoor temperature has risen to about 39 degrees. The construction site of No. 3 plant is newly built. The steel frame was tightened. During the tightening process, the sweat drenched the clothes, but the movements of workers were not tired at all, and every movement was so careful and skillful.

Jiema New production Line Hubei Jiema No.3 production line

The same is true for the employees in the workshop. After a day’s exposure in the sun, the indoor temperature gradually increased. At this time, the fan seemed to be even weaker. However, the Jiema front-line employees did not stop due to the high temperature. There were also a lot of labor protection supplies, such as polishing, welding, and rolling. To make and press the board, only occasionally use a towel to wipe the sweat from the face, and still stick to his post, with a responsibility and a hard work to fulfill the needs of customers.

Jiema production process 1 Jiema production process 2 Jiema production process 3 Jiema production process

Looking at these figures under the high temperature, we are moved by them. They stick to their jobs and responsibilities, and create value for customers and the company. And their spirit of defying the heat and arduousness, and sharing the same fate with the company, moved every employee even more. It is because of them that Jiema has been able to develop steadily and achieve today’s good situation.

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Post time: Aug-20-2021